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Theda Handmade Art Doll



One of a kind, created February 2011

Height 18ins/46cms

Theda is another Thetford Forest Doll. She stands silently at the far end of a long straight ride in the early/late hours. The Forest is static with mist and moisture. Seen from a distance, Theda is a small, still rooted figure, a smudge of bark against the blur of beech and winter sky. By the time you reach the end of the walk she is gone, nothing about us looks the same as it did in the beginning. Pines are bright with their needles and a tiny blue feather stuck in the soil stops us dead. We quicken our step as we leave Theda's ride, it's so nearly dark. Glancing back in the half-light, Theda flickers into being again, watching us go with her little eye.

Theda is made from calico stuffed with wool, entirely handstitched and painted. Her arms are wrapped wire. Her dress is painted silk, crisp like dried leaves.

Name : Molly Fishskins - (Molly Fishskins)
Member Type: Maker or Artist