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Gretel Handmade Art Doll



One of a kind, created October 2009

Height 16 ins/41 cms

I was reading a book about Wild Children, those who had grown up in the woods, with dogs or wolves, or in isolation. We had just started our winter stay in the New Forest near Sway, and my days were spent largely alone, walking our dog on the heath and in the forest that surrounded our van. As the weather started to turn and decaying leaves and bare twigs became us, I thought about Hansel and Gretel forever lost in the woods, the wild children who were never found, captured or humanised, but grew up into creatures who could slip unnoticed through the forest, and who grew elegant and fragile, changing yet still.

Gretel is made from cloth, entirely handstitched, painted and ink drawn. She has heather twigs for a face, stitched into a straw bonnet cut from an old hat. The daisies embroidered on her painted silk dress are drawn from the Grimm version of her story, where she turns herself into a daisy after Hansel has left her in a field and not returned to collect her. One of her hands is burned away, a legacy of her heroic destruction of the witch.

Name : Molly Fishskins - (Molly Fishskins)
Member Type: Maker or Artist