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BiBi-ler (Jewellery and Gifts)

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This is a website for jewellery and gifts which we love making! Majority of our products are exclusively designed to give you the feeling of uniqueness.
Here you can find jewellery items made for various occasions, styles and even moods! And if you cannot find anything that would suit yours, we can always make one for you based on your description. That's right, we can make jewellery to your own taste, just tell us what materials and/or colours you would like us to use for your jewellery and we will come up with a design to match.
In making our products we use only high quality material, such as suede and leather, gemstones, Swarovski® cyrstals, handmade glass (such as genuine Murano and millefiori glass beads), and some other materials, including sterling silver and gold. But the main feature of all our products has been and will always remain their personality. We make each and every item as if for ourselves, so that when we look at them we want to have them, and that's when we know that you will love them too!

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Tel: 07794526992

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