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shaunhall's blog

Shaun Hall Raku exhibited in New Delhi

Between the 1st and 4th April Shaun is exhibiting works in association with Handmade in Britain- at the VIHAHA festival in New Delhi. This is an exciting opportunity in an expanding market.

Shaun Hall featured in 500 RAKU

Shaun is one of the featured artists in the new Lark publications book- 500 Raku published in the UK in April.

Exhibitions in Paris and Osaka

I have been designing and making my Raku work for nearly 10 years and through many ups and downs, have steadily plodded along.

I recently had a website developed and surprisingly through this, I have been inundated with proposals for exhibitions, much to my surprise! A website seems to be a priority and definately promotes your work- even if like me you cant afford to do all the craft shows you'd like.

Two exhibitions forthcoming are both abroad:

1/ EWACC ART at Gallery Kikku Oskaka Japan, Oct 27th -Nov 2nd

2/ Gallery Atelier sur Cour Paris -Nov 18th-January 2009

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